Иван, это ты?

В последнем номере журнала «е4е5» (№33 2016г.) судья Арпад Руc подвел итоги конкурса за 2014 год (PGN). Он включил в свое присуждение 12 из 35 опубликованных этюдов, отметив, что «шедевров нет, но уровень конкурса приемлемый». Если бы не второй приз М.Мински и Р.Штаудте (диаграмма) с интересным нырком коня за спину проходной пешки и последующим всплытием в нужный момент, то все было бы совсем печально. Сложилось впечатление, что солдаты в большинстве этюдов сами не знают, что они делают на поле боя. Никакой стратегии, только хаотичная стрельба, беготня и резня. «Иван, это ты? – Я. – А немцы ушли? – Я, я!» Ясно только одно – судья слишком терпимо относится к этюдам с серьезными предшественниками, так как ничего толкового не добавлено в 1 призе, 1 почетном и 1 похвальном отзывах.

Эта запись была опубликована в Итоги конкурсов. Добавьте в закладки постоянную ссылку.

3 Responses to Иван, это ты?

  1. Arpad Rusz говорит:

    Well, Sergey… Usually, I enjoy your comments and mostly I even agree with them. So I was curious what will be your reaction to this award.
    Nowadays, one frequently sees worse tourneys than this. So I believe that it is OK to say that the level was ’acceptable’. Notice that I haven’t said ’high’, ’good’ or even ’fine’.
    The joke was funny, thanks! Yes, one often sees studies with half of the ’army’ dying in the first few plies.
    Regarding the (partially) anticipated studies: I think that you have formed an opinion too quickly. You say that all three have nothing new to show. Well, the prized study shows much more than its partial anticipation. First of all, there is a subtle difference between the thematic try 4.Kg7? and the correct 4.Kh8!! The former leads to wKe5,Bf6,Rc3,Pd5/bKb2,Qf8, the later to the same position except Qf8->h6. Only the second of these positions has a winning move (12.Ke6!). This study features all four thematic Q-sacrifices (Qc7!, Qc8!, Qg3! and Qh3!) while its predecessor only three. Both rooks are attracted to form the half-battery while in Amiryan’s study one is already in place. Honestly, if we compare the two studies, the old one looks only like a scheme to me.
    The 1st HM study is also an improvement, both as correctness and also as content. Krejcik’s study has several duals e.g. 3.Re2/Rf2/Rh2, while the new study has a thematical try 10.Rh2? and the key 10.Re2! and no duals at all. The 8.Nb3! unguarded guard sacrifice is better than the original 1.Bxb3! and the introduction with another unguarded guard sacrifice 1…Nc6! is not thematically or materially dissonant.
    The 1st Comm. study improves the dualistic Keres studies and has three old motives in one place (Rg1!, Lasker’s systematical movement and the Re7-e1-c1-c7 manoeuvre) without any duals.
    By the way, my name is pronounced as ’Руc ’ and not ’Руж’. sz=c and zs=ж in Hungarian.

    • didok говорит:

      Ok, Arpad, I agree that the anticipation to the first prize is not important and can be ignored. Of course, I saw the idea Kh8! in order to shift bQ to h6 instead of f8 but as well I saw its drawback which consists in the absence of a single reason behind this plan. The position with bQh6 is won for White because there after 12.Ke6 Black can’t play Qe8+, Qc8+, Ka2 or Kb1. While in the symmetric line of the thematic try 11.Kf5 (no checks either) 11…Ka2 12.d6 black queen can play 5 different drawish moves. That’s why I don’t like this idea, the wild initial position and sacrificial introduction.
      The 1hm is just a correction, and it’s better to start the solution without the first 5 moves.
      The 1c is a correction and not a good one. No bonus for Rg1 from me.

  2. vasa говорит:

    На всякий случай: http://kasparovchess.crestbook.com/threads/7215/
    Все этюды конкурса с комментами.

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